What Is Patreon?

Simply put, Patreon is a website where you can pay for a monthly-subscription to René’s music in exchange for exclusive content like behind-the-scenes, new song demos, unique merchandise, and ultimately, the chance to engage directly with, inspire, and financially support René’s songwriting journey.

A monthly subscription is one of the best ways to show your support and allows René to continue to do what he loves.

Why Patreon?

I’m glad you asked.

As it stands today, it is incredibly difficult to make a living as a musical artist. There are MANY reasons for this. One of the biggest has been the demonetization of music as a result of streaming services becoming the primary method of music listening.

People don’t pay for music anymore. They don’t buy cds, records, or tapes, because they can stream the music for free (or nearly free).

For all the benefits that streaming has brought (and there are many) underneath it all lies the devaluation of the physical music medium (cds, vinyl, tapes, etc.)

Imagine this: An oil-paint eating fungus emerges from the depths of the frozen tundra and begins to literally eat all of the most famous artwork in the world. The art world would LOSE THEIR SHIT… not to mention the value of the paintings.

This scenario isn’t likely to happen. But I share the idea to prove a point: Music’s medium was completely devalued and therefore destroyed by the advent of streaming.

But that did not stop the world from making music. In fact, it has never been easier to record and distribute music independently (meaning without the help of a label). Yet, no matter how popular your music might become… all of those streams, likes, follows, and retweets do NOT turn into substantial financial support.


Did You Know?
Pharrell Williams was paid just $6300 for 105 million plays of his hit song ‘Happy,’ according to the Financial Times.


So, what are artists to do? Many hit the road because there is still a lot of money to be made in touring. Experiential music festivals are popping up in every town and are often a lifeline for established bands. But what about artists who aren’t yet established or are just getting started?
Merchandise (T-Shirts, posters, hats) can generate income. So can gigging, teaching music lessons, and working in audio production.

But within the last few years, a new method of artist support has emerged, patronage. Like modern-day Medici’s, fans now have the ability to support artists directly in exchange for access to the art. Patreon is just one of many platforms that facilitate the patronage of your favorite artist. It can be a lifeline for many artists who have so much art inside of them, but don’t have the financial means to express it all.

Over the past year we’ve seen live music disappear in the wake of Covid-19. Not only was it difficult for artists, fan’s suffered too. It became undeniably apparent how important music is to our well-being, our communities, and the world. We need it and that’s why I need your help. There is too much music inside of me to let go to waste. Please explore my Patreon page, find a level you are comfortable with and join me on my journey as a songwriter. If you’d like to hear WHY I make music, please watch this video.

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