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Tonight’s Set List

King Of The Mountain

Well, I’ve been broke so many times
And that don’t include today
But no matter how dirt poor I feel well I’ve got no room to say
Cause I was born into the kind of wealth you just don’t find anywhere
Conscience, liberty, the life-long pursuit, the freedom to grow my hair

Now when it comes to all that we possess
Man, we’ve got it good
But that does not lead to happiness and I doubt it ever would

And yet we’re climbing all over each other
Tryin’ to get up on that hill
And if we don’t happen to make it somebody will

Some like to make up excuses
Say, “It’s all relative”
But I don’t know what the use is
Cuase that ain’t no way to live


There were times I will admit
I was chasing all of it
Worked my fingers to the bone
Pressed my nose against the stone
Spent my afternoons alone
In a prison all my own

Kids these days and the games they play
Makes no sense to me
They all want to be king of the mountain
And that’s quite alright with me


hug you a little harder

You said hello with no quiver in your voice
And if there was I couldn’t tell
Although you sounded a bit too overjoyed
I heard no warning bell
When the weight becomes to heavy
And you hid the time you fell
It don’t matter how you stood
It don’t mean you’re looking good
Just because you wore it well

I should have hugged you a little harder
I should have walked you to your door
No I have to walk much farther
If only I’d known the time before x 2

The world outside grows angrier each day
It took too long for us to see
It’ll take longer before we ever tame
The beast inside of you and me
We can’t forget about tomorrow
We can’t forget to wake the sun
If I go out to look for you
It was something I had to do
The cloud has shadowed everyone


… I would have tried
To soak you up like water to a soul that’s dry
You know you’re getting old
When you fear what the future holds
And your silver turns to gold

I should have hugged you
A little harder
I should have hugged you
A little harder
I should have hugged you
A little harder
If I’d only known the time before
If I’d only known the time before

our love will be a voice

Life is not a piece of cake
It’s not about how much you can take
There’s enough to go around
But you gotta share what you have found
If we all are to get along
Might we all sing the same song
How ‘bout the one we all know by heart
Give me the key and I’ll sing my part for you

If that’s all I ever do
I’ll do that for you.

I was taught to love someone
For who they are and who they become
Think it over what’s there to lose
When we’re aloud to love who we choose

And I will love you
And I will love you
And I will love you
If that’s all I ever do.

I will love without holding back
Love is something you’ll never lack
And our love will be a voice
For all who have no choice.

one life to love you with

Maybe it’s the fact that I’m getting older
Perhaps it’s the world in which we live
That makes this life so precious and so one of a kind
That makes me want to give all I can give
I never used to think about tomorrow
Never used to watch my shadow grow
Always had daylight to show the way back home
But lately, lately i don’t know

The four corners of the globe are waiting for you and me
So, if you’re ready count to three
Between the two of us we’ll redefine our myth
Cause I’ve got one life to love you with

I’ve see fights over water
If they aren’t fighting over land
Not a day goes by when I don’t bite my tongue
Cause I know that I got the better hand


For every path I took
I turned around to look
But the day that I met you
Something clicked and I knew
My search was through


So, what am I to do with all of my blessings
After all I can’t count that high
Forever in debt and love is what I owe
And baby, you’re the reason why


when you were the only one

You were once the only one
Who could ever comfort me
There was a time when you were mine and all that mattered seemed fine
As far as the eye could see

But people change in front of you
And I know that I changed too
But that don’t mean a thing you could always make me sing
The way that lovers do

And I won’t forget you
The way that you won’t me
And I gave all I had to you
And I hope you see

You were the one that I would turn to
But now I turn to many to pull me through
And I can see how one could be all we ever really need
Because I needed you

Lying in the dark I rest alone
But I wonder if you’re home
As I recall before the fall for a time I had it all
When you were the only one x 3

drop what I’m doing

There lie the dishes drowning in a sea of water
The radio’s ringing out in silence for no one to hear
The door I left behind is open wide
Cause you’re the only thing that’s on my mind

If you call me up in your moment of need
If you call my name when you begin to bleed
I’ll drop what I’m doing for you

You know you never have to ask
I never want to give permission
Cause you have my word

My love is only meant for you
When it comes to us I’m on a mission
So let it be heard
I don’t need a burning fire to walk through
Only a flame and I will run for you


You are always there
And I know you really care
for me
You’re everywhere
the way I want it to be
I don’t need a burning fire to walk through
Only a flame and I will run for you


I still adore

I see myself sitting alone in your chair
as you take your time and you make your hair
I’ve never been so happy to pass the time
I could listen for hours and you sing along
to the verse and the chorus of your favorite song
I’ve never heard a lyric sound so fine

But you never let me listen to you
you never let me put up a fight for you
now i am standing so far from where i stood before
and you’re the one, you’re the one I still adore

I know you’ve seen your share
Of suitors who say they care
I’m not nieve to believe I’m the only one
But this much I know only I can shine
the light of a heart, a heart that is mine
and it doesn’t always shine for everyone

But you never let me shine it on you
You never let me perfect the art of loving you
now i am left wanting so much more
cause you’re the one, you’re the one I still adore

How long will you linger
I’m a veteran of the ringer
When i asked you to stay
I didn’t mean this way

The part of me that’s in love with you
Won’t go away like I want it to
It needs a reason to leave

But you only gave me a reason to drink
you only gave my heart a reason to sink
I wish you were easier for me to ignore
but you’re the one, you’re the one I still adore

love songs

A friend of mine
was telling me
something i never knew
nobody before
ever wrote
a song meant for you
and I found that so hard to believe
and I wanted, so hard, to be your relief

Now i don’t fall for just any girl
so let me see what you got
cause I’m gonna need some inspiration
I think I’ll need a lot
and if you give me one inch you know I’ll take the mile
Cause I would do anything to make you smile

I will be the only one for you
as long as I’m alive and kicking too
I’ll never do you wrong
and I will write you love songs.

when I’m on the road and so far away
there’s only so much i can do
to make you feel like I never left
and that I’m lying next to you
and when you’re lonesome you should know that I’m counting down the days
When i get back I will love you in so many ways

I will be the knocking at your door
Like I’ve been a thousand times before
We’ll stay up all night long
And I will sing you love songs

When you find yourself lost
no matter the cost
I will be your serenade
You’ll have nothing to fear
as long as I am here
love will be made, love will be made

I will be the knocking at your door
Like I’ve been a thousand times before
We’ll stay up all night long
And I will write
and I will sing
and I will play, I will play
you love songs

demons on your sleeve

Sure this looks easy from your vantage over there
You see no scars or visible signs of wear
I know what it looks like
You see my feet
Firmly on the ground
Only when you seem lost do you run the risk of being found.

Show a little mercy to your neighbor down the hall
Give a little credit to the writing on his wall
Could have been a bad day
You know you come home late
Or maybe even more
Tell him that its okay and that tomorrow’s what’s in store.

Its too much to bear, this life, to keep it locked up
Don’t try to wear the crown, it’ll just bring you down
Promise to dare believe
You gotta learn to wear the demons on your sleeve

Man on the corner so different than me
Lost all his money, his home, his family
“You think you’re troubled.
Say boy
You haven’t got a clue.
I may have nothing, but I can still feel for you.”

Do you know the way
to swallow your pride when
faced with a moment of truth?
Do you know the way
to reach down inside and
forego the burden of proof?
Now, here, I stand
heart in your hand, I’m
begging you to humor me
open up your heart, let me in.

I know I’ve given you all that I can
But you never talk to me
How do you think I will understand
When you never manage to fill me in at all
When you never fill me in at all
I’ll never know you.

Looking for an answer, you question, “Why me?”
This clouds your vision, preventing you to see.

you can have your way with me

Turned off all my telephones
Skipped the bars and just went home
Gave my way to memory
And let it have its way with me

I saw things I didn’t know
Some things I forgot, some time ago
There’s no telling what I’ll see
When they have their way with me

And its so hard to recall
When common sense and present tense are no help at all
When the moments that you keep
Are still rising from the deep

Repeat BR

I did all that i could do
so i could spend the day with you
gave my way to memory
so you can have your way with me